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A Revolutionary Technology Developed with
Stanford University Scientists Protects You from
Physical, Mental, and Environmental (EMF) Stress
Anywhere You Go 24/7--


BBC Report shows electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from computers, cell phones, etc., can cause damage to your blood cells... And offers dramatic proof that the pendant works!

EMFs are everywhere: cell phones, computers, etc. Features EMF pendant as protective device.

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EMF Protection and Managing Stress is a Must in Today's World--

Health experts agree that EMF (electromagnetic fields) is an invisible co-factor in increasing your daily stress levels, compounding your adrenal loads and significantly risking your immune function and your body's natural ability to cope and repair. But here's good news--


QLink Products 
  • Reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • Strengthens your resilience to the effects of stress
  • Increases your energy and stamina
  • Reduces the symptoms of fatigue and jet lag
  • Enhances mental performance and alertness
  • Powered by next-generation SRT3
  • Backed by 25 years of Research in leading universities
  • Sleek & fashionable design
  • Worn by famous celebrities such as Anthony Robbins, Madonna, Jerry Hall, etc., doctors, Olympic athletes and people from all walks of life
  • More...



"I tested the  myself and observed that with [it] I recover much faster, have a higher frustration tolerance in stress situations and that my sleeping pattern improved."
- Dr. Wolfgang Pollany, Sports Scientist with focus on Training and Sports Psychology (full testimonial)

"The SRT in the  Pendant protects against stress from a variety of types of stressors including EMF Fields and possibly also chemical toxins, and helps maintain a homeodynamic balance."
- Dr. Beverly Rubik, PhD, Biophysicist, former Advisory Panel member to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (full testimonial)

Q-Link golf testimonials
Unpaid Testimonials
from Golf Professionals
more focus, less stress, lower scores

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Total Health Magazine
"In the battle to find a simple and affordable solution to the effects of stress and fatigue from rapidly increasing electropollution, the Q may very well be the EMF breakthrough many are looking for."

Golf Digest
"By neutralizing the effects of electro-magnetic fields... wearers will show an increase in energy, mental performance and concentration...."

Is this Hi-Tech Pendant the Answer to Stress? We Tested It (The Daily Telegraph, March 8, 2004)
Champion golfer Ernie Els wears one. So does motivational guru Anthony Robbins and Madonna...Texan model Jerry Hall has also managed to include it as jewellery and one of her main fashion accessories.. More

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How QLink Works

   Blog and Media Reports on Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields on Human Health

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Scientists estimate that YOUR daily exposure to Electromagnetic radiation is 100 Million Times higher than it was in your Grandparents' time. EMF Protection from cell phones, computers and other electrical sources has become an absolute necessity in today's world--

If you want to:

  • Protect the health of you and your family from the harmful effects of EMF radiation 24/7
  • Reduce symptoms of fatigue
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mental focus and concentration
  • Improve your energy and physical performance
Then, don't wait!



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