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Solution #1: Q-LinkŪ Ally Portable

(Measures 4" L x 2" W x 0.75" H)

What QLink ALLY does:
• Reduces the effects of EMF
• Strengthens your resistance to stress
• Reduces the severity of jet lag
• Improves your alertness
• Improves your energy levels
• Improves your emotional balance
• Portable operation - Works in your pocket or on your desk
• Influences up to a 40-foot radius in all directions

As small as a cell phone, the QLink Ally is a true friend to the road warrior, helping you cope with the stressful effects of EMF radiation from computers, cell phones, offices, and airplanes. This portable battery-operated and plug-in unit can energize your home, office, seminar or classroom.

The innovative Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ in the QLink Ally refines and makes coherent the energies within the influenced space and reduces the stressful impact of EMF. It acts like a tuning fork, keeping your energy smooth and even – so you can experience optimal positive energy and balance. Put it in your briefcase so you'll be your most alert, balanced and successful self. That's our idea of how to get by with a little help from a friend..

The Portable QLink Ally has an attractive, rugged black case and protects an area of approximately 40 feet in all directions or 268,000 cubic feet. Measuring only 4" long, 2" wide, and .75" deep, the Ally comes with rechargeable batteries, AC power cord, and a recharger. The micro-circuitry is identical to the ClearWave 2.

 Take your protection on the road with you with the Q-LinkŪ Ally. You can slip this portable powerhouse into a purse, pocket, a dashboard, or a desk to protect you from EMF influences wherever you are.

"I feel this technology, which has been shown to have biological effects on the cellular level, allows us to enhance the functioning of human physiology in ways so profound as to be capable of facilitating a complete transformation of who we think we are, and what we are capable of knowing and accomplishing."
- Robert Teifeld, Ph.D., Biomedical Researcher

Example Uses for the Q-LinkŪ Ally Portable
The Q-LinkŪ Ally's 40-ft range of influence and portability makes it ideal for use in business and social situations as well as travel. Use the Ally to reduce stress and the effects of EMF radiation, elevate energy and positive mood, enhance mental focus & alertness -- for yourself and people around you:

Business & Sales presentations

Business meetings

Social gatherings



Yes, even dates!

"I take the QLink Ally on all my trips across Europe and to the United States. I never experience jet lag anymore. I arrive fresh and relaxed and wake up the next day as if I were already there for a week. I also use it in my hotel room."
- Vera Brandes, Recording Producer, Germany

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Solution #2: Q-LinkŪ ClearWave Clocks

What QLink ClearWave does:
• Reduces the effects of EMF
• Enhances mental clarity and awareness
• Increases your energy and vitality
• Reduces the symptoms of fatigue
• Balances emotions
• Promotes a more restorative sleep
• Influences up to 30-ft radius in all directions (thru walls, ceilings & floors)

The QLink ClearWave is the only electronic clock in the world that
does not drain your energy while you sleep or work

Engineered with SRT™, the ClearWave powerfully neutralizes the effects of EMF in your home or work environment. A ClearWave clock should replace all bedroom, home and office electronic clocks. ClearWave customers report more restorative sleep and increased mental, emotional and physical resilience to the effects of stress. Use the ClearWave when you want rejuvenating sleep at night - and when you want to be alert and fully charged during the day.

“In April of 200 my son Sean who is 7 years old was diagnosed with Complex Partial Epilepsy. He has been on various medications to stabilize his seizures. The longest period of time that he went seizure free was 64 days until he started wearing a Q-LinkŪ. Since we put the Q-LinkŪ on him and the ClearWave clock in his room and he has not experienced one seizure. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your products and the obvious effects it has had with Sean and my whole family.”
- Susan Birrenkott, Fresno, CA

Q-LinkŪ ClearWave Reduces Anxiety Levels and Problem Behaviors
in Children: 2 Classroom Studies

A double-blind study conducted by David Eichler, PhD, Behavioral Consultant, shows that the QLink ClearWave helps to reduce anxiety experienced in students while in the public school setting. The study involved a school district in Northeast Kansas. The implications of reduced anxiety can be improved classroom performance and improvement in overall attitude and well-being of the student. You can find out more information about this study here.

Another double-blind study was conducted at a small private school for children with learning difficulties like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The research shows that when the Q-LinkŪ ClearWave unit was active there was a 38% reduction in problem behaviors recorded by the teachers, as well as improved academic performance. There were less student outbursts and irritabilities and the teachers themselves experienced less stress. Read more about the research findings here.

Example Uses for the Q-LinkŪ ClearWave Clock
The Q-LinkŪ ClearWave is ideal for use at home, in the classroom and in the office or place of business. Use the ClearWave to reduce stress and the effects of EMF radiation, elevate energy and positive mood, enhance mental focus & alertness -- for yourself and people around you:

Business office

Home office


Day care center

Retail shop


"I have been wearing the QLink for the last eight months and while I do not understand all of the scientific explanations behind this invention, I know with certainty that my life has been greatly enhanced. I own a contemporary art gallery and my approach has always been to inform the buyer about the works of art with intelligence and sincerity. With QLink around my neck, and my body in balance, I am relaxed, focused and confident. As a result, my sales figures have increased at least 25% per month. In addition, the office has the ClearWave clock which has totally changed the energy in the gallery, making customers linger, and the staff more energetic."
- Robin Rule, Owner of Rule Modern & Contemporary Gallery, Denver, Colorado


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Wishing you and your family well,
Taraka Serrano
Director, EMF-Health.com

(760) 494-3553

P.S. Here are some commonly asked questions about the Q-LinkŪ Ally and ClearWaves:

Q. Do I need the Q-LinkŪ Ally or ClearWave if I am already wearing the Q-LinkŪ pendant?

A. No. The Q-LinkŪ pendant will provide the protection you need from stress caused by EMF and other factors. It is, however, only for your own personal protection. If you have other people in the space you share with who are not similarly protected--be they family members, business associates, retail customers, students in your class, etc.--then we'd recommend the Ally or ClearWave. Remember, the Q-LinkŪ products not only reduce the effects of EMF radiation, but also strengthen against any mental or emotional stress and improve mood, energy and alertness. This easily leads to improved productivity, performance and, if you're in business, perhaps even increased profits!

Q. Can you explain how these devices can improve my energy as you say, and not keep me up at night and prevent me from getting to sleep?

A. Sure. The energy that you get from using the Q-LinkŪ products is not the same kind of energy that you generate from stimulants such as coffee. Rather it is a subtle, sustained energy that comes from a coherent source. When you're under stress, your bionergy field becomes chaotic and diffused and your mind becomes scattered and unfocused. This results in decreased mental or physical performance when you're awake and increased tension when you're trying to sleep. The Q-LinkŪ device 'clarifies' and converts your stressed, chaotic energy into a more coherent energy, which is your optimal state. This optimal state is your homeostatic balance or center, and when you're in this state you function at your best during your waking activities and be tension-free when you're trying to relax.

Q. I'm trying to decide whether I should get the Ally or the ClearWave. Any suggestions?

A. Sure. The Q-LinkŪ Ally's micro-circuitry is the same as that of ClearWave, except that it has two resonators instead of one. The main difference is Ally's portability. It is small (about the size of a cell phone) so you can fit it into a pocket, purse or briefcase. This is ideal for a sales person giving presentations, for example, a business traveler, or a student moving from class to class. And because of its 40-foot spherical radius of influence, it benefits other people as well. The ClearWave becomes more or less a permanent fixture on a desk, shelf, counter top or nightstand. It is perfect for an office, classroom, bedroom, retail establishment or other places where people work or gather together. Its range of influence is up to 30 feet, so everyone within that area benefits. It also functions as a clock.

So which one you get all depends on whether you need to take it with you or it stays in one place. But getting either one will be a wise decision you'll be thanking yourself for.

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