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Scientific Tests Confirm the Powerful QLink Pendant
Reduces Stress and Improves Performance!

An MSA Meridian Stress Assessment test at the September, 2000 PGA International Show of over 200 participants was done by Steve McGregor of BioMeridian International, Inc. McGregor stated, "I've conducted thousands of tests using the BioMeridian system in every industry and I've never seen anything like the QLink results. Whether the QLink was worn for two minutes or two days, every subject exhibited a dramatic increase in measurable energy, a strengthened resistance to the effects of stress, and a shift to their ideal performance state."

The same MSA test was repeated on the practice tee of the SBC Senior Classic in LA in October, 2000 using 60% of the field of professionals. Every player tested showed an improvement with the QLink, and the vast majority showed a huge improvement. With the QLink, players were nearly five times more likely to reach the ideal target zone, than without it, when measured on the FDA approved BioMeridian system.

The QLink helps regulate homeostasis and boosts resistance to the effects of stress. Studies conducted at the University of California at Irvine, Imperial College at London, University of Vienna's Institute of Cancer, University of Vienna's Institute of Environmental Health, and independent clinics have persuaded researchers of the QLink's benefits.

Blood Quality Improves with QLink!

Stress can deteriorate the condition of blood. Two different studies by microbiologist Robert Young stronglly suggest that as the QLink increases resistance to stress, blood quality improves.

The conclusions of this remarkable study support the experiences of QLink users who consistently report enhanced abilities to cope with physical, mental, emotional and environmental stress. This increased stress resistance strongly correlates to improved focus and performance.

"My study on live and dried blood cells involved 14 individuals. In 100% of the test group, the QLink Pendant demonstrated the ability to provide a favorable context for normal organization of blood cells which were visually showing multiple negative conditions. I perceive these negative conditions are attributable to years of stressful lifestyles.

"After wearing the QLink Pendant for only 72 hours, each participant showed a significant improvement in the quality of their blood.

"The blood of the test group wearing the QLink Pendant showed a visual, normal blood profile that I see in only 1 out of every 10,000 people. In my opinion, any person whose blood is improved to this degree will significantly improve their performance and quality of life."
- Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. Microbiologist

Before: Blood cells before QLink is worn show less resistance to stress.

After wearing QLink for 72 hours: Blood cells show higher resistance to stress.

Click here for more details of the Live Blood Cells Test.

Stress Resistance Increases with QLink!

Independent clinical research was carried out by Dr. Tykeeta Reye and verified by Michael Kundi, PhD at the University of Vienna. This stress study measured test subjects for resistance to stress with and without the QLink.

"After wearing the QLink for 2 minutes, the number of tested body locations with optimal stress resistance increased by 292%."

Not only does the QLink dramatically increase resilience in the presence of applied stress, it even surpasses the baseline (where no stress was applied) by 41%!

Click here for more details of the Skin Conductivity Stress Response Test.

Why QLink Works For You

The Science and Technology
Behind the Breakthrough

How does something that looks so simple--a lightweight pendant--possibly create such significant user benefits and earn the praise of science and the constant applause of national media?

The answer lies at the heart of every QLink--a scientific breakthrough called Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT™)--developed over a decade of research, partly in collaboration with scientists in Stanford University, the University of California, Irvine, many healthcare professionals and the pioneering research team at Clarus.

THE BIOFIELD--the key to energy, wellness and balance
In 1994, scientists at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the term "human biofield" to describe the external field of weak, extremely complex electrical energy that surrounds your body. Among other vital functions, the "biofield" appears to play an essential role in determining how successfully we adapt to, or cope with, the effects of everyday stress.

Physical, emotional, mental and environmental stress can rupture the integrity of your biofield. The weaker your biofield, the less able it is to resist additional stress.

When this happens, your life becomes a vicious cycle of "noise" and "static" which seriously compromises your ability to function. Many authorities, such as the Harvard Medical School, link chronic stress to a host of adverse health issues.

Researchers believe that when this external biofield is highly organized and balanced, every part of you functions better. As your whole system becomes more balanced and efficient, you become more resistant to many forms of stress.

Think of a resilient biofield as your protective force in a stressed-out world. The QLink works like a set of tuning forks that continuously "tune and reinforce" the key frequencies of the human biofield, so they are strengthened. The user normally experiences this as more energy, higher resistance to stress, more focus, and enhanced mental and physical performance.

"The SRT in the QLink Pendant protects against stress from a variety of types of stressors—including EMF and chemical toxins---and help maintain a homeodynamic balance. As a result, performance, wellness, and dynamic stability are enhanced."
- Dr. Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine


"First I tested the QLink myself and observed that with the QLink I recover much faster, have a higher frustration tolerance in stress situations and that my sleeping pattern improved. After these positive experiences I gave the QLink to some of my serious athletes. Without exception, they only reported of positive results."
- Dr. Wolfgang Pollany, Sports Scientist with focus on Training and Sports Psychology


"Clarus products provide a key to refining nearly every aspect of life, from jet lag to stress and chronic fatigue."
- Peter Clecak, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Irvine

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The QLink Will Definitely
Improve Your Game!

If you desire high performance, you will love the Q-LinkŪ. Although worn by people from all walks of life to cope with daily living with greater ease, the Q-LinkŪ has naturally developed a devoted following with those who perform at the upper limits. Golf is a delicate and challenging game. Even minor twitches can cause a missed putt, a shanked wedge, or an errant drive. That’s why professional and amateur golfers the world over are flocking to the Q-LinkŪ: it helps them stay relaxed, focused, and confident throughout their round, giving them a smoother stroke, calmer nerves, and a competitive edge.

Experience the difference the QLink makes. Wear the QLink day and night to discover a new sense of calm, an increase in energetic harmonies, in homeostasis, in your sense of balance and wellbeing.

Tens of thousands of people--ranging from professional athletes to home business owners--testify to the calm accomplished by wearing the QLink, the increased focus and sense of security. But the most important testimony is the one we don't have yet... the testimony that will be reported by your own body. Learn what your own body has to tell you about QLink... today!

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Neither Clarus Products nor its distributors make any claim that its products are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose disease. If you believe that you have a health problem, see your doctor or health professional immediately.

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