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How Much EMF Do You Personally
Get Exposed to in a Day?

Example of data collected with a personal exposure meter.
Recommended safety standard is 1 mG.

In the above example, the magnetic field was measured every 1.5 seconds over a period of 24 hours. Keeping in mind the 1 mG proposed safety standard, you can see that this person was exposed a considerable number of times to peak EMF values much, much higher than that.

How significant are such spikes or peak exposures? In a study conducted by Kaiser Foundation Research Institute in Oakland, California, pregnant women exposed to peak EMF levels greater than 14 mG were nearly twice as likely to have miscarriages. As the above chart example shows, the average individual experiences actual peak exposures as high as 20 mG or more in any given 24-hour period. It bears repeating here that research has shown that even weak and short exposures have an effect, the effects seem to be cumulative, and multiple on/off exposures may induce stronger effects than continuous exposures.

Several studies have used personal exposure meters to measure field exposure in different environments. These studies tend to show that appliances and building wiring contribute to the magnetic field exposure that most people receive while at home. People living close to high voltage power lines tend to have higher overall field exposures.

According to a study commissioned by the U.S. government as part of the EMF Research and Public Information Dissemination (EMF RAPID) Program, 43.6% of the U.S. population have a mean magnetic field exposure of more than 1 mG in a given 24-hour period. 14.3% are exposed to magnetic fields that average more than 2 mG. 2.4% had exposures exceeding 5 mG, and 0.4% had exposures exceeding 10 mG. The last value indicates that about 1 million people in the US have an average 24 hour exposure greater than 10 milligauss.

Bear in mind that these are mean or average exposures. This means that they are being subjected to peak EMF values much higher than that. The greater the average exposure, the more actual peak exposures there are. Peak exposures at a single point in time are often considerably higher due to peoples' exposures to appliances, wiring, and other sources. About 0.5% of the population had an estimated maximum (peak) exposure to magnetic fields of 1000 mG!

Most Commercial Buildings Have Background Magnetic Fields
Higher than Recommended Safe Levels

Virtually all commercial buildings will have areas with elevated magnetic fields. These are unavoidable, caused by current-carrying devices including transformers, electric service panels and conduit. Most commercial buildings have background fields in the range of 2-4 mG (well above the 1 mG recommended limit), but also have "hotspots" near these current sources where the magnetic fields are much higher.

If you look at the above Personal Magnetic Field Exposure chart again, you will notice that more peak EMF exposures occur at work and between home and work. In addition to the background EMFs in commercial buildings, additional exposures come from common office equipment, such as computers, copiers, fax machines, fluorescent lights, and many others.

Epidemiological studies in Sweden by Maria Feychting showed that individuals exposed to high magnetic fields at home and at work had 3.7 times the risk of developing leukemia compared to those not exposed. Also, 2 recent research reports have identified elevated risks of breast cancer among women working in jobs with presumed higher than average exposure to EMFs.

As you can see, there's just no escaping electropollution. Whether at home, work, school or anywhere in between, you are bombarded with varying degrees of exposure. Right now, as you read this, EMFs from your monitor, computer tower, cordless phone, electrical wiring running through your house (or office) walls, etc. act as invasive foreign toxins that your body doesn't recognize and thus create stress. And health experts agree that cumulative stress, through repeated exposures, could weaken your body's ability to repair itself--

Scientific Research Tests Confirm the
Powerful QLink Works to Reverse
Environmental Stress!

"The QLink is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies. This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well being. This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being."
- Ken Wilber, President of Integral Institute, Boulder, CO, Author of A Brief History of Everything and 16 other books on consciousness and integral theory and practice.

The QLink helps regulate homeostasis and boosts resistance to the effects of stress. Studies conducted at the University of California at Irvine, Imperial College at London, University of Vienna's Institute of Cancer, University of Vienna's Institute of Environmental Health, and independent clinics have persuaded researchers of the QLink's benefits.

Blood Quality Improves with QLink!

Stress can deteriorate the condition of blood. Two different studies by microbiologist Robert Young stronglly suggest that as the QLink increases resistance to stress, blood quality improves.

The conclusions of this remarkable study support the experiences of QLink users who consistently report enhanced abilities to cope with physical, mental, emotional and environmental stress. This increased stress resistance strongly correlates to improved focus and performance.

"My study on live and dried blood cells involved 14 individuals. In 100% of the test group, the QLink Pendant demonstrated the ability to provide a favorable context for normal organization of blood cells which were visually showing multiple negative conditions. I perceive these negative conditions are attributable to years of stressful lifestyles.

"After wearing the QLink Pendant for only 72 hours, each participant showed a significant improvement in the quality of their blood.

"The blood of the test group wearing the QLink Pendant showed a visual, normal blood profile that I see in only 1 out of every 10,000 people. In my opinion, any person whose blood is improved to this degree will significantly improve their performance and quality of life."
- Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. Microbiologist

Before: Blood cells before QLink is worn show less resistance to stress.

After wearing QLink for 72 hours: Blood cells show higher resistance to stress.

Click here for more details about the Live Blood Cells Test.

"The QLink works, but that is not nearly as important as why it works - just like an apple falling is not nearly as important as why it falls. The operating principles and theories behind the QLink are so innovative that they have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the human being - and the Universe. I have been impressed by the QLink because it has helped me balance my physical, emotional, and cognitive energies. I feel a greater clarity and well being in my mind, and my doctor has detected the same clarity and well being in my blood. But more importantly, I'm impressed because the QLink has opened the most fascinating exploration on the nature of reality I've ever undertaken. I sincerely hope that more people find the QLink a key to health and development."
- Alfredo Kofman, PhD, Former Professor and Teacher of the Year at MIT Sloan School of Management, Author of The Fifth Discipline Handbook and many other books on Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Economics. Top consultant to Chrysler, Shell Oil, General Motors, EDS, Intel, Phillips and other corporations.

"After Live & Dry Blood Testing, testing both humans and horses, I have yet to see the QLink fail at producing positive changes in blood marker parameters. By improving white blood cell function and endocrine system homeostasis I have witnessed my clients energy levels lift, their headaches disappear and physical and mental stress relieved."
- Christopher Manton - Nutritional Biochemist/Medical Technologist B.App.Sc.M.Nut & Diet. Dip Ass, Nat, Member CMA

Stress Resistance Increases with QLink!

Independent clinical research was carried out by Dr. Tykeeta Reye and verified by Michael Kundi, PhD at the University of Vienna. This stress study measured test subjects for resistance to stress with and without the QLink.

"After wearing the QLink for 2 minutes, the number of tested body locations with optimal stress resistance increased by 292%."

Not only does the QLink dramatically increase resilience in the presence of applied stress, it even surpasses the baseline (where no stress was applied) by 41%!

EEG Brainwaves and the QLink

The QLink is the result of over 15 years of research involving scientists, engineers and clinicians. The effectiveness of QLink's Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) has been independently documented by multiple brainwave studies at major universities and a 34-page scientific research paper published in a prestigious peer-reviewed health journal.

The independent university research on QLink technology demonstrates increased stress resistance, enhanced cellular and brainwave performance by reinforcing key components of the human biofield.

A double blind EEG Brain Wave study by Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and William Tiller, PhD demonstrated the QLink's ability to be effective under the stress of electromagnetic fields. The study indicated the following: "Prior to these tests using the QLink, there had been no known approach for individuals that allowed them to resist the effects of EMF on brain functions. These tests show the QLink's capability for helping to regulate these effects." Click here for more details about the EEG Brain Wave study.

Why QLink Works For You

The Science and Technology
Behind the Breakthrough

How does something that looks so simple--a lightweight pendant--possibly create such significant user benefits and earn the praise of science and the constant applause of national media?

The answer lies at the heart of every QLink--a scientific breakthrough called Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT™)--developed over a decade of research, partly in collaboration with scientists in Stanford University, the University of California, Irvine, many healthcare professionals and the pioneering research team at Clarus.

THE BIOFIELD--the key to energy, wellness and balance
In 1994, scientists at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the term "human biofield" to describe the external field of weak, extremely complex electrical energy that surrounds your body. Among other vital functions, the "biofield" appears to play an essential role in determining how successfully we adapt to, or cope with, the effects of everyday stress.

Physical, emotional, mental and environmental stress can rupture the integrity of your biofield. The weaker your biofield, the less able it is to resist additional stress.

When this happens, your life becomes a vicious cycle of "noise" and "static" which seriously compromises your ability to function. Many authorities, such as the Harvard Medical School, link chronic stress to a host of adverse health issues.

Researchers believe that when this external biofield is highly organized and balanced, every part of you functions better. As your whole system becomes more balanced and efficient, you become more resistant to many forms of stress.

Think of a resilient biofield as your protective force in a stressed-out world. The QLink works like a set of tuning forks that continuously "tune and reinforce" the key frequencies of the human biofield, so they are strengthened. The user normally experiences this as more energy, higher resistance to stress, more focus, and enhanced mental and physical performance.

When you wear the QLink, you are strengthening your biofield against stress caused by background EMFs existing inside your home and work, as well as from the higher exposures that come from your cell phones, computers, household appliances, automobiles, public transportation, commercial and office buildings, and office and industrial equipment. The QLink also strengthens you against other stress factors that you face on a daily basis...

"The SRT in the QLink Pendant protects against stress from a variety of types of stressors includijng: EMF Fields and possibly also chemical toxins, and helps maitain a homeodynamic balance."
- Dr. Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine


"Clarus products provide a key to refining nearly every aspect of life, from jet lag to stress and chronic fatigue."
- Peter Clecak, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Irvine

more doctor testimonials


The QLink Will Even
Improve Your Game!


"The Q-LinkŪ has helped me keep maintain focus and lower my scores. The Q-LinkŪ is definitely gonna help the amateur keep their focus which in turn will help lower their scores."
- Ted Purdy, PGA Tour winner


A two month study of players on the regular PGA Tour in 1999 was conducted to determine if use of the QLink would result in lower golf scores. Known users of the QLink were identified, confirmed, and a statistical analysis of their cuts made was conducted. The percentage of cuts made by each player in the five months prior to wearing the QLink was calculated for each player, and then again for the two month period wearing the QLink. An astounding 77% of known QLink users made a higher percentage of cuts with the QLink!

The October, 2000 testing of the QLink at the SBC Senior Tour Classic resulted in 11 of the top 15 tournament contestants having taken part in our study, including the top three finishers. This group of 11 represented 14% of the field, yet they took home 53% of the prize money.

In referring first to the SBC Classic, and then the Senior Tour Championship, The Golf Channel reported that "For the record, new QLink wearers finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and one tied for 5th, and two ties for 7th in Los Angeles. And the next week at the tour championship in Myrtle Beach, QLink wearers finished 2nd, with three more QLink wearers finished tied for 3rd place. As reporters, we don't of course endorse products, we only report facts. And the facts here, are what we report."

QLink — Sports Equipment For The Mental Game

If you desire high performance, you will love the Q-LinkŪ. Although not originally intended for the sports market, the Q-LinkŪ has naturally developed a devoted following with those who perform at the upper limits, most particularly the golfers. Golf is a delicate and challenging game. Even minor twitches can cause a missed putt, a shanked wedge, or an errant drive. That’s why professional and amateur golfers the world over are flocking to the Q-LinkŪ: it helps them stay relaxed, focused, and confident throughout their round, giving them a smoother stroke, calmer nerves, and a competitive edge.

"The Q-LinkŪ has helped me with my energy and focus on and off the course and it played a significant role in my victory at the U.S. Open."
- Birdie Kim, LPGA 2005 U.S. Women Open Champion

"When I started wearing the Q-LinkŪ in 2001 it was the best streak of playing golf I have ever had! I feel calmer, less nervous and less anxious, which is a good thing in professional golf. Q-LinkŪ helps me to be very consistent.”
- Mark Calcavecchia, 2003 PGA Tour, Multiple Winner With Q-LinkŪ

"The QLink is a powerful tool for golfers, enhancing performance under the stress of competition. It reduces mental 'chatter' and distraction, making it easier to focus, concentrate, and ease into the settled, even flow of being in the Zone. Don't tee off without it!"
- Dr. Joseph Parent, Mental Game/Performance Enhancement Coach for PGA, LPGA, Tour Professionals, Club Pros and top amateurs. Featured on CNN Headline News.

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Experience the difference the QLink makes. Wear the QLink day and night to discover a new sense of calm, an increse in energetic harmonies, in homeostasis, in your sense of balance and wellbeing.

More Golf Results

An MSA Meridian Stress Assessment test at the September, 2000 PGA International Show of over 200 participants was done by Steve McGregor of BioMeridian International, Inc. McGregor stated, "I've conducted thousands of tests using the BioMeridian system in every industry and I've never seen anything like the QLink results. Whether the QLink was worn for two minutes or two days, every subject exhibited a dramatic increase in measurable energy, a strengthened resistance to the effects of stress, and a shift to their ideal performance state."

The same MSA test was repeated on the practice tee of the SBC Senior Classic in LA in October, 2000 using 60% of the field of professionals. Every player tested showed an improvement with the QLink, and the vast majority showed a huge improvement. With the QLink, players were nearly five times more likely to reach the ideal target zone, than without it, when measured on the FDA approved BioMeridian system.

Whether You Need Protection from EMF or From Any Environmental, Physical, Mental or Emotional Stress--
At Work, Home or Play--the QLink Will Serve
as Your Personal 'Bioshield' All Day Long

A decade of research has found the QLink pendant very quickly amplifies healthy energy states — and decreases energy drains caused by a wide variety of stressors. It is the premier tool for strengthening you against direct and ambient sources of EMF, including EMF from computers, cell phones and electrical appliances.

Tens of thousands of people--ranging from professional athletes to home business owners--testify to the calm accomplished by wearing the QLink, the increased focus and sense of security. But the most important testimony is the one we don't have yet... the testimony that will be reported by your own body. Learn what your own body has to tell you about QLink... today!


90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Wishing you and your family well,
Taraka Serrano
Director, EMF-Health.com

(760) 494-3553

P.S. Will the Q-LinkŪ prevent cancer or cure any medical ailment? No. The Q-LinkŪ is not a medical device and is not intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose any disease. There are many factors that contribute to a person's health and well-being or lack thereof--genetics, environment, lifestyle, diet, etc.

What the Q-LinkŪ does, as shown through research, is to strengthen your immune system against the onslaught of stress--be it environmental, psychological or emotional--and induce a more coherent, highly organized and balanced biofield. You will normally experience this, as thousands of users have reported, as more energy, higher resistance to stress, more focus, and enhanced mental and physical performance.

Many doctors or physicians also generally agree that if you can increase your resistance to stress, or your ability to manage stress, then the ability to self-heal may also be enhanced and in some cases the healing process can be accelerated.


90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee



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