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Q-Link Pendants

Q-Link Bracelets

Q-Link for Spaces (Nimbus, Stratus, Optimizer)

What People Say About the Q-Link:

"I have been wearing Q-Link for 10 years now and would never go another day without it. I lay down to bed at night and the first thing i check is if it is around my neck. I once lost it going through security at an airport. The first thing I did when i got home was order a new pendant. It keeps me focused, clear, sleeping better and in the moment. Thank you Q-Link for 10 years of wellness!"
- Nick DelCor

"You can walk up and down the range and look for drivers, putters, and wedges - but there are not many products that have been as successful as the Q-Link in terms of victories on the PGA Tour."
- Justin Rose - PGA Tour Champion

"I've noticed a substantial increase in my own energy level and less stress since I began wearing the Q-Link. Many of my staff wear Q-Links and experience similar benefits, especially those who work with computers all day. The Q-Link Pendant is a great, unique and timely product."
- Dr. Larry Altshuler, MD - Author: Balanced Healing

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