Cell Phone Industry: Big Tobacco 2.0?

There are reportedly more than 500 pages of documented studies showing that cell phone radiation causes adverse biological effects. And ZERO, zilch, nada, showing that cell phones are safe. How the heck is the cell phone industry getting away with it? It’s a classic case of big industry fighting for its economic survival. It seems that for every research report that shows evidence challenging the safety of cell phones, the industry comes up with reports from its own hired scientists condemning those studies as flawed, or not duplicatable, or something. And even WHEN their own hired scientists DO find damning evidence and go public, they just discredit them, withdraw funding, and proclaim even louder that there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s sad, really. The cell phone industry is caught in a position they can’t seem to wiggle out from. Any admittance of truth in these numerous studies would only mean massive lawsuits. So far they’ve managed to dodge the charges that had been coming at them. But it can’t be for long.

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