How Does Harmonization Really Work?

You’ve heard the explanation that the EMF Harmonization Chips neutralize or ‘harmonize’ the EMF waves coming off cell phones and other devices and render them harmless. That is, the electromagnetic frequencies are modified into a form that is more ‘harmonious’ with our body’s cellular function. But how does it do that and what does it exactly mean? BioPro technology is proprietary so the company is not about to reveal that information. However, I did some poking around and discovered how sweet, simple and elegant a solution it really is. Let me explain.

Well, scientists here in the U.S. and abroad have figured out what it is in man-made EMF that is causing adverse biological effects in human cells, tissues and whole animals. Man-made EMFs differ from naturally occurring EMFs in their frequency, amplitude and waveform. Natural EMFs have a more random nature in those aspects, whereas man-made EMFs are more constant for a certain time period. Studies have shown that the steady, constant, and spatially coherent oscillation of EMFs are found to be what’s inducing the biological events.

So in order to ‘harmonize’ the man-made EMF, a natural-type ‘noise field’ can be imposed on the steady oscillating EMF and make them more like natural EMF. Removing the steadiness and constancy in the frequency, amplitude and waveform of EMFs, thus making them more random, eliminates the adverse effects they have on human cells. In fact, the resulting harmonized waves induce a ‘sympathetic resonance’ cascading through the cells in our body which creates a therapeutic effect in the nervous system. This is the reason why some people report a ‘more pleasant’ experience with their cell phones after applying the cell chips. That’s pretty cool.