QLink vs. Harmonizing Chips?

This has to be one of the most common questions people ask when they learn of both these BIOPRO products. And it’s a perfectly valid one: if you wear the BIOPRO QLink and are already protected from any type of EMF exposure, do you still need the Harmonizing Chips?

I myself posed this question when I first joined BIOPRO. The QLink, after all, is pretty effective at neutralizing the adverse effects of EMF on the human biofield and, ultimately, on the human cells. You can wear it too anywhere, at home or work or anywhere in between, and have peace of mind. So why bother with the chips at all?

What I learned is that these solutions are not mutually exclusive. They are, in fact, complementary and enhance each other’s performance. They offer a double layer of protection, esp. when you have a higher level of EMF exposure. Let me explain.

The Harmonizing Chips are designed to target the EMF at the source. This could be your cell phone, computer, car, etc. The chips are programmed with a specific range of frequencies to harmonize or neutralize the EMF frequencies themselves, modulating their properties to make them harmless to your biofield. (These EMF frequencies are the non-ionizing radiation, including the ELF of household appliances and the radio/microwave frequencies of cell phones.)

The BIOPRO QLink, on the other hand, serve as a kind of ‘protective armor’ to your biofield. It does not modify the EMF itself, but stabilizes and strengthens your bioenergetic field to make it ‘impenetrable’ by the EMF. The QLink amplifies your healthy energy states — and decreases energy drains caused by EMF and other stressors. It maintains homeostasis and balance to your physical, mental and emotional levels of functioning.

To use an analogy, the EMF waves are like ‘tiny arrows.’ Without protection, you are exposing your biofield and cells to attack from these arrows–which are known to have a degenerative and cumulative effect in time. The Harmonizing Chips neutralize these ‘tiny arrows,’ turning them into something harmless and even a bit beneficial (according to study, the harmonized EMF has theurapeutic effect on the nervous system–a benefit attested to by some users who feel that using the their cell phone with the Harmonizing Chip has become more pleasant).

The QLink, on the other hand, is like a body armor that ‘bounces back’ these ‘tiny arrows’ and keep you unharmed. Not only does the QLink protect you, but it also ensures that you are in a balanced, optimal state as much as possible.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have both kinds of protection? Wouldn’t it be cool to have the ‘protective armor,’ and also have the EMFs neutralized even before they hit you? You cannot always have control of your environment, thus you need the QLink to keep you safe anywhere you go. But if you do have control of some aspect of your environment, such as at home or with your own personal electronic devices, wouldn’t it be sensible to have multiple layers of protection where needed?

How much protection you need would depend of course on how much EMF you’re getting exposed to. I follow the rules of duration, frequency, and proximity: how long and how often I use an EMF-emitting device, and/or how close I am to it while using it will determine whether or not I need an additional layer of protection. Cell phones almost always need a chip, just because you place it right beside your head where the microwaves can penetrate your brain. Likewise for the computer if you spend hours in front of it. If you have kids that play with game stations sitting on their laps for hours in front of the monitor, you need the chips there too.

Another way of looking at it is that the chips applied to an EMF-emitting device provide a safer environment for anyone (you, your spouse, kids, etc.) in the vicinity of that device, while the QLink provides you (and you alone) personal protection in any EMF-saturated environment. They serve the same purpose but the applications are different.

It’s also like wearing a seat belt and having air bag protection at the same time while driving. Your health is worth the extra precaution.