BIOPRO Business Opportunity

The BioPro Technology company has been around for only about a year and a half. But the market response has been overwhelming. Just recently, the company hit the milestone of one-million dollar sales in one month. That’s quite a feat, considering that it made $1.3M in sales for almost the entire year 2004. It is predicted that within a few months, it will hit one million dollar sales in one day.

The public is increasingly becoming aware of the EMF issue and are taking steps to protect themselves. The fact that the BioPro products are scientifically substantiated gives the buyer confidence. The marketing method employed by BioPro compensates both retail sales and referrals. At the moment, BioPro products are available for distribution in 3 countries: the United States, Canada, and Australia (which also serves New Zealand). South Africa and Mexico are set to open soon, with other countries to follow.

If you are at all interested in the business and ride the wave, now is the time to join the bandwagon. BioPro is poised to become a household word and you want to become part of it. To find out more information about this real opportunity, check out our Business Opportunity page. If you are in a country that is not yet being served by BioPro and you have a strong interest in distributing the products, contact us and we will consider how we can help you. Inquiries will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact us at