Another TV Report on the QLink

Fox31 News aired a segment on the prevalance of EMF in our environment. Titled “What’s the Frequency?,” it featured the QLink as one of the devices recommended to safeguard your health from EMF exposure. You can watch the video here.

BBC London also featured the QLink in one of its programs a few years back. They commissioned a microbiologist, Dr. Robert Young, to perform blood tests on subjects before and after wearing the QLink. The results were impressive. If you haven’t seen the BBC video, or want to see it again. go here.

If you haven’t purchased your own personal QLink yet, now is the time to do it. Your health is worth it. The presence of EMF is only going to grow more, not lessen. Some recent estimates now say the presence of EMF has increased 1 billion times since the 1950s! Get the QLink here now.