Cell Phone and Cancer Connection

Brain cancer is up 25% since cell phones became popular. Every year, there are 183,000 more cases eery year in the US alone. Some health experts say there’s a link with cell phone use, but is there proof? Our latest article looks at some of the research studies that specifically show the link between cell phone radiation and the increased risk of developing cancer.

Most notable of these studies is the DNA damage in the form of micronuclei when human blood cells are exposed to wireless frequencies. Micronuclei is considered a “biological marker” for cancer, and doctors worldwide look for its presence in patients to identify increased risk. Another attention-grabber is the breakdown of the blood brain barrier. This special filter in the blood vessels of the brain keeps harmful chemicals from reaching sensitive brain tissue and causing serious damage that could lead to tumors. Rats exposed to cell phone radiation have been shown to suffer leakage or breakdown in this very important brain protector.

To learn more about these and other studies that make a strong case for the cell phone-cancer connection, read the article here.