The New BIOPRO Chip Test

During a July 2005 convention in San Diego, CA, 25 event participants were randomly selected to test the effectiveness of the BIOPRO EMF Harmonization Chip on avoiding the stress response in a person’s essential bio-systems when the test-subject holds a cell phone against their head while making a live call. Using the FDA-registered MSAS Professional (Meridian Stress Assessment System), seven key areas of the body were compared before and after using the BIOPRO Chip.

The results were pretty impressive. It wasn’t a surprise that the numeric stress values for all subjects were significantly better when using the cell phone WITH the BIOPRO Chip compared to using the phone WITHOUT the Chip. But what was surprising was that they were even better than the baseline numbers taken at the very beginning when the test-subjects were NOT using the cell phone at all! This completely agrees with a prior testing which showed that the BIOPRO Chip not only neutralizes the EMF but actually has a therapeutic or healing effect. It’s very interesting. Check out the details of the test here: Meridian Stress Assessment Testing