Electrosensitivity a Growing Issue

Here’s an excellent article on electrohypersensitivty, or ES, an allergic reaction to electrical and magnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones, wireless devices, computers, and other electrical equipment and appliances. People who have this condition suffer symptoms that include headaches, nausea, fatigue, loss of memory, muscle pain, insomnia, blurred vision, skin problems and others. At least one expert suggests an association between ES and multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

An estimated 35 percent of the population suffer from a moderate form of ES, with 2 percent exhibiting the extreme cases.

So far, Sweden is the only country to have recognized this seriously as a medical condition. The UK is now following suit. The medical community in the U.S., Canada, and other countries still regard it as psychological nonsense.

This article is by Tyler Hamilton of The Toronto Star, who wrote a series of investigative reports on the cell phone issue this past summer. Read it now: Distress Signals