Cell Phone Radiation May Trigger Allergies

Bothered by skin rashes and sensitivity to dust mites and pollen? A two-year old study suggested you cell phone use may be to blame.

Japanese researchers believe that cell phone radiation can ‘excite’ antigens – substances which cause allergies – in the bloodstreams of people who already suffer from allergies. They found that cell phone users experience an increase in skin rashes or allergic reactions to dust mites and pollen.

Dr Hajime Kimata from Unitika Hospital, Kyoto, carried out research on 52 people with a history of eczema and dermatitis. Half were exposed to cell phone radiation for an hour, while the others were not.

Dr. Kimata, whose findings are published in the medical journal International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, said: “When we did blood tests we found that the mobile phones had raised the levels of certain chemicals in the blood which provoke allergic reactions such as eczema, hay fever and asthma.

“We were surprised but we carried out a properly controlled study. One group of patients had their phones turned on and receiving for an hour while they watched a video. The second group watched the same video while having their phones turned off so they couldn’t receive calls.

“There was a significant increase in allergy levels which seemed to be linked to the use of mobile phones.” Cell phone use also appeared to worsen skin weals induced by exposure to house dust mites or pollen from cedar trees in the susceptible patients, Dr Kimata reported.

You can read more details about the study here.

In a related report by Daily Mall in London, some cell phone users have also complained that their phones appear to be either causing eczema or making it worse. Neil Warner, 38, a building company manager, said: “I have suffered from eczema for years. When I use the mobile for any length of time I notice it starts to bring out eczema on different parts of my body.

“My skin will get red and sore in various places, but particularly close to where I was using the handset. I’ve always had eczema on the ears and when I used the phone it seemed to make it worse.”