EMF and Mercury Poisoning

According to one study, EMF exposure more than doubled the mercury release from dental amalgam. Dental amalgam consists of 50% mercury combined with silver, tin and copper. While the research was conducted using amalgam blocks exposed to computer screens, it is suggested that other devices, such as cell phones, where some of the radio waves go through the head, has the same effect on the dissolution of mercury from amalgam. You can read more details of this intriguing study here: Is Your Computer Releasing Mercury?

A separate but related article finds a connection between electrosensitivity and mercury from dental amalgams. Mercury fillings act like microantennae, and when the user is exposed to EMF, alterations occur in the electric currents in the mouth (electrogalvanism) that has been shown to accelerate the mercury release from fillings. It is also possible that the electrogalvanism thereby interacts with flora in the mouth to produce mercury aggravated infections.

The report mentions Vit. B12 and PABA (Para-amino-benzoic-acid) as helping with the electrosensitivity. And, of course, removal of the dental metals. You can find out more by reading this article: Health Effects of EMF Exposure and Mercury Poisoning

Mercury is considered to be a neurotoxin, and dental mercury has been a subject of intense controversy for a number of years. Dental mercury has been identified as a source of two-thirds of mercury in the human population. It has been linked to impaired kidney function, adverse neurological effects, infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, and others.

The EMF-Mercury connection underscores the difficulty in establishing a direct correlation between EMF exposure and any specific disease. Obviously in this case, someone who has dental mercury in their mouth would be more susceptible to health problems associated with increased mercury levels caused by EMF exposure than somebody who doesn’t. Experts are suggesting that EMF is more of a ‘promoter’ that creates a condition for other factors (e.g. environmental toxins and carcinogens) to exploit and cause damage.

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