EMF Radiation Can Damage Your Eyes

Do you use your cell phones and computers a lot? Health experts are finding links between electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and eye problems. A study in Germany in 2001, for example, found a threefold increase in a form of eye cancer called uveal melanoma among cell phone users compared to non-users. Dr. George Carlo, an epidemiologist who headed the cell phone industry’s multi-million dollar research into wireless safety, predicts there will be 500,000 cases of brain tumors and eye melanoma by 2010.

Cell phones are not the only ones that can affect visual health. At least one expert (Dr. Gerald Goldberg, MD) points a finger at the massive communications satellite technology for the rising incidence of eye and other health problems in the general population. Sitting in front of the computer for hours probably woulnd’t help either, especially for a person wearing wire-rimmed eyeglasses (this writer partly attributes the early development of his cataracts and vitreous detachment to this very cause).

More studies are needed, for sure. But you need not wait until then before doing anything. Here is an article that outlines a few of the findings and some things you can do right now to help preserve your visual health in the midst of electromagnetic onslaught: Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation and Your Eyes