BBC Panorama report on Wi-Fi dangers

Studies have been made on the health effects of radiation from mobile phones and masts. And there’s enough scientific evidence to make Sir William Stewart of the UK, who headed the government’s inquiry into the mobile phone mast safety in 2000, to recommend a precautionary approach when siting masts near schools. Sir William is now chairman of the UK Health Protection Agency. His advice was that the beam of greatest intensity from mobile phone masts should not fall on any part of the school grounds.

Although the radiation Wi-Fi emits is similar to that from mobile phone masts, wi-fi is sprouting everywhere. Entire cities are becoming wireless hotspots. In the UK, 70 per cent of secondary schools and 50 per cent of primary schools are using the technology in the classroom. In this Panorama investigation, readings taken in the classroom using Wi-Fi showed the maximum signal strength to be three times higher than the main beam of radiation intensity from a mobile phone mast. This is a great cause for concern because the developing thinner skulls of children have been shown to absorb more radiation than adults.

You can read the full article here. And you can watch the video below.