Cell Phone Tower Near You

Two studies included in the Institute of Science in Society report (05-24-07) gave clear indications that living close to a cell phone transmitter may lead to increased health risks. A German study found a threefold increase in cancer rates among population living within 400m (about 1300 feet) of a transmitter. And an Israeli study found a fourfold increase for people living within 350m (1148 feet). Women appeared to have been affected the most in both cases.

With the proliferation of the cell phone and wireless technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to steer clear of the information-carrying radio waves. As previously posted in this blog, you can find out the location of cell phone towers and antennas in your area by visiting antennasearch.com.

The best solution is always a multi-layered approach. You can learn more details about the studies and some suggested intervention solutions in our latest article: Cell Phone Towers: How Far is Safe?