Dr. George Carlo Explains Mechanism of Harm from RF Radiation

Dr. George Carlo presents the latest findings that reveal how the information-carrying radio waves from cell phones and other wireless technology are causing biological harm. Dr. Carlo is head of the Safe Wireless Initiative formed to educate the public about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). He is also the former chief scientist of the wireless industry’s largest safety research project which ended in findings at odds with the industry’s agenda.

The video below was taken during his talk to the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) in Dublin, Ireland (Feb 2007). Dr. Carlo explains the initial difficulty in finding the correlation between the variety of symptoms experienced by people and wireless radiation, but that the mechanism has now been determined.

In a nutshell, the cells regard the information-carrying radio waves as unrecognizable foreign toxins. This causes the cell membranes to harden and shut down the transport channels between cells. As a result, nutrients don’t get in and waste products don’t get out. Among these waste products are free radicals that cause disruption of the cellular respiratory function. The cells become further energy-deficient, eventually triggering programmed cell death. The free radicals also interfere with DNA repair, a factor in the development of micronuclei and tumor formation. (Watch the video to get the full flavor.)

Dr. Carlo mentions 3 intervention methods that have been found to counter these effects. These methods target: 1) the cell membrane recognition response, 2) the intercellular communication response, and 3) repair of cellular damage already done. As an example of the first intervention method, he mentions the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), a passive noise-field technology that can be used on cell phones. MRET superimposes low frequencies resembling the resonant frequencies of the living cells on the radio waves, making them no longer seen as a foreign invader by the cell membrane. (See BIOPRO Cell Chip for an MRET-powered device.)

But as Dr. Carlo emphasizes, these interventions won’t do much unless the background radiation is also eliminated. Thus he advocates the replacement of the wireless infrastructure with fiber optics, for example. This is also one reason why we recommend implementing as many layers of intervetion as possible. Applying Dr. Carlo’s 3 intervention methods, you may 1) use the BIOPRO chips with MRET to target the cell membrane protein recognition response, 2) wear the Q-Link pendant to restore and maintain intercellular communications, and 3) take antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals and help reverse any damage that have already been done to the cells.

Here’s the video of Dr. Carlo’s talk:

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