Electrosmog: What Can Be Done to Protect Yourself (FoxNews Video)

Is the wifi technology the ‘cigarettes’ of our time? In this Fox News interview, Prevention Magazine’s deputy editor Michael Segell describes the parallels between the two. It took decades of warnings from experts about the health dangers of tobacco before the surgeon general issued the warnings on cigarette labels. The same thing seems to be happening with the increasing evidence of health effects from exposure to our electromagnetic field (EMF) environment. Particularly noteworthy are the studies of people who use cell phones 10 years or longer, which seem to indicate an increased risk for brain tumors. This risk holds especially true for people who started using the cell phone when they were teenagers. The developing cells of the bodies of children and young people are more susceptible to the biological effects of cell phone radiofrequency radiation exposure. Interview ends with a few tips on what one can do to reduce these risks.

Watch video here: