Wi-Fi Radiation Protection: the EarthCalm Omega WiFi

We all have heard reports from the media about the dangers of cell phone radiation to our health. Much less publicized, and just as dangerous, is the effect of Wi-Fi radiation. Wi-Fi emits essentially the same kind of electromagnetic frequency radiation as the cell phone. And, just like the cell phone, it is popping up everywhere nowadays: in people’s homes, schools, airports, business offices, cafes, libraries and even hospitals. Entire towns have now “gone Wi-Fi”.

If you have a wireless network at home, you are getting engulfed in electrosmog continually generated by your wireless router when they are on, even when they are not actively in use. This field of microwave radiation poses a high risk to your health. Laptops also emit a very high electromagnetic field from the AC electricity when they are on, generating as much as a 100-miligauss field at the keyboard. A wireless router emits a constant cloud of microwave radiation that extends throughout an entire house and beyond.

EarthCalm has recently introduced a new device called the OMEGA WiFi that addresses this problem. With the size and shape of a flash drive, this wifi radiation protection can be plugged into a USB port of a router or laptop. Using all 3 of EarthCalm’s proprietary technologies, the OMEGA Wifi transforms the dangerous microwave radiation field into a field that grounds you into the earth’s electromagnetic field. The human body has evolved within the matrix of the earth’s electromagnetic field, and is stressed by the artificial field of the microwave radiation. When grounded, the microwave radiation becomes bio-compatible, and your body can relax, heal and rejuvenate itself. All wireless devices, including Wii, Ipads and other laptops will receive full protection from your router if they are programmed to receive its signal.

The OMEGA WiFi can also be plgged directly into the laptop itself to create the same protective field of up to 5 feet around you. Especially useful if you have no router, or if you take your laptop away from home.

So if you have a wireless router at home or work, or if you use your laptop often, you owe it to your self to check out the OMEGA WiFi now.

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