EMF Protection Increasingly Becoming Important

With the recent WHO (World Health Organization) report classifying cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen, it is now becoming an imperative to employ precautionary measures to reduce any health risk by using emf protection as much as possible. Responsible scientists, government officials and health experts have warned for years about the potential damage that radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones can have on our health, but it takes time to accumulate all the evidence to make any confident determination. Now it appears that we have reached that point with this recent WHO report.

The group of scientists that constituted the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the RF frequencies as Class 2B or ‘possible human carinogen.’ One of the scientists, Dr. Annie Sasco, a cancer researcher at the University of Bordeaux, France, and a distinguished 20-year IARC veteran, feels that it should have been classified as Class 2A or ‘probable’ human carcinogen, a higher classification. It is her opinion that the lower classification was influenced by the fact that most of the research investigated by the agency were funded by the wireless industry.

The children are most at risk. With their still-developing skulls, the radio frequencies penetrate more deeply into their brains and interfere with their brain functions, causing behavioral problems, cognitive difficulties, not to mention greater susceptibility to DNA damage and development of tumors.

The thing is it is fairly easy to reduce any potential harm from cell phone radiation. Just follow as much of the known, prudent cell phone radiation protection guidelines and we can still enjoy the use of this modern communication tool. Using an air tube headset, a patented cell phone radiation shield technology, or switching to a low radiation cell phone are simple common-sense steps to make any risk negligible.