Does EMF Protection Jewelry Really Work?

EMF Protection Jewelry

The short answer is YES. There are a couple of reasons why wearing emf jewelry, in the form of pendants or bracelets, works to your advantage. First, the technology is there; it has been around for decades, although they are now just starting to be recognized. Independent testing always helps, of course, so it is vital to check for these while looking at the different products in the marketplace. Secondly, wearing e personal EMF protection jewelry means that you are protected from the continuous impact of electromagnetic and wireless frequencies throughout the day. Basically, it is a wear and forget kind of deal.

Now, there are a considerable number of emf protection jewelry products out there that claim to provide the protection you need. As I mentioned, it is important to check the credentials, particularly with regards to independently conducted testing. A couple of products stand out in this respect. Here is an article that explains this more…

EMF Jewelry: Best EMF Protection Pendants and Bracelets
Electromagnetic field (EMF) protection is not an option but a necessity in today’s highly technological world. Everywhere you turn you are being impacted by electromagnetic waves from various sources: household electricity, appliances, computers, mobile phones, wifi routers, smart meters, pc tablets, and more. A lot of research has gone into the possible effects of this kind of exposure and a number of studies have indicated a connection between chronic EMF exposure and health issues.

The most practical solution to this continuous bombardment of EMF is to have a personal EMF protection device with you at all times. This ensures that, whether at home, work, or anywhere in between, your health and well-being is always safeguarded. EMF jewelry, or anti-emf jewelry as some pople would call it, is the best solution as they can blend rather well with your wardrobe. Here are our recommendations. More

And here’s a video clip that includes a user testimonial for one of the products we highly recommend, the EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant:

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Protecting yourself from the potential damaging effects of electropollution is absolutely essential in today’s environment.


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