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Best EMF Protection Devices by Category

EMF Protection is getting to be crucial in order to survive, and thrive, in today’s highly technological environment. The question is, which are the best possible solutions available today? We have used and evaluated a number of products on the market, and we have compiled our selections below. You will note that all the items listed here are from one company, and that’s for a good reason, as you will see. Enjoy.

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Best EMF Protection Devices and Products | Thoughtboxes
Electromagnetic field (EMF) protection is now crucial to thriving in a world awash with electromagnetic radiation – wired or wireless – from our technological conveniences. Here are the best of the bunch, based on our personal experience, user feedback and third-party testing. read more

Does EMF Protection Jewelry Really Work?

The short answer is YES. There are a couple of reasons why wearing emf jewelry, in the form of pendants or bracelets, works to your advantage. First, the technology is there; it has been around for decades, although they are now just starting to be recognized. Independent testing always helps, of course, so it is vital to check for these while looking at the different products in the marketplace. Secondly, wearing e personal EMF protection jewelry means that you are protected from the continuous impact of electromagnetic and wireless frequencies throughout the day. Basically, it is a wear and forget kind of deal. read more

Smart Meter Dangers: Constant Microwave Emission

Concerned about the potential dangers of smart meter radiation? A WUSA news station reports that digital smart meters installed by PEPCO utility have been emitting microwave frequency signals at a much higher frequency than the company claims. Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO), also known as Pepco, is an investor-owned utility supplying electric power to the city of Washington, D.C., and to surrounding communities in Maryland.

In this report, frequency signals that send data to the company have been found to occur at about 4-6 times per minute, as opposed to every 4-6 hours as Pepco claims. Some residents have complained of dizziness, headaches and other health issues since the smart meters were installed. read more

Smart Meter Radiation Exposure Can Be Up To 160x Greater Than Mobile Phones

According to Daniel Hirsch, California radiation expert and UCSD instructor, one smart meter can provide up to the full body radiation exposure of 160 cell phones. Hirsch provides this information in his Comments on the Draft Report by the California Council on Science and Technology “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters”. Hirsch criticizes the industry-influenced CCST report that incorrectly minimized smart meter risks, based on the widely distributed  industry-generated Tell Associates report. CCST is a partner with US DOE (US Dept. of Energy), funder and promoter of smart meters. read more

Public Health Physician: No Evidence Smart Meters Are Safe

Physician and former Director at the New York State Department of Health Dr David O. Carpenter talks about the impact of Smart Meters on our health.

“The question to ask… is what is the evidence that smart meters are safe and have no adverse health effects?  The answer to that questions is: there is no such evidence. In fact, while no-one has actually done human health studies in relation to people living in homes with Smart Meters, we have evidence from a whole variety of other sources of radio-frequency exposure that demonstrates convincingly and consistently that exposure to radio-frequency radiation at elevated levels for long periods of time increases the risk of cancer, increases the damage to the nervous system, causes electro-sensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects, and a variety of other effects on different organ systems. There is no justification from the State Department that Smart Meters have no adverse health effects.” read more