Cell Phones and Alzheimer’s

One of the things that worry researchers about the use of cell phones is that the EMF radiation can tremendously damage the membranes of the circulatory and nervous system. One particular membrane, called the blood-brain barrier, ensures the normal constant chemical setting in the brain and protects it from the destructive proteins and poisons in the blood.

Professor Leif Salford and colleagues at Lund University in Malmo, Sweden, conducted a study on rats and exposed them to two hours of radiation, equivalent to that emitted by cell phones. Fifty days later, the researchers found that rats which had been exposed to medium and high levels of radiation had an abundance of dead brain cells. (ref. Mobile Phones ‘May Trigger Alzheimer’s’) read more

Cell Phone Lawsuits Reinstated

According to the latest federal court ruling, cell phone manufacturers could now be sued in state courts for health and safety issues regarding use of the cell phone. This spells bad news for the cell phone industry, who’d rather deal with the federal court than with lawsuits in 50 different state courts.

This ruling reinstated five lawsuits claiming that the cell phone industry has failed to protect consumers from unsafe levels of radiation. Among the plaintiffs’ claims were that the industry’s actions violated various state laws on consumer protection, product liability, implied warranty, negligence, fraud and civil conspiracy. read more

Cell Phone Industry: Big Tobacco 2.0?

There are reportedly more than 500 pages of documented studies showing that cell phone radiation causes adverse biological effects. And ZERO, zilch, nada, showing that cell phones are safe. How the heck is the cell phone industry getting away with it? It’s a classic case of big industry fighting for its economic survival. It seems that for every research report that shows evidence challenging the safety of cell phones, the industry comes up with reports from its own hired scientists condemning those studies as flawed, or not duplicatable, or something. And even WHEN their own hired scientists DO find damning evidence and go public, they just discredit them, withdraw funding, and proclaim even louder that there’s nothing to worry about. read more

EMFs Disrupt Sex Hormones

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are composed of electrical fields and magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are the subject of scientific investigations because they can penetrate everything, including the human body, and have been shown to induce biological effects. Charles Graham, an experimental physiologist at the Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in Kansas City, Mo., says that magnetic fields can alter two hormones that affect cancer risk — estrogen and testosterone. Overnight exposure of women to elevated levels of EMFs in the laboratory significantly increased estrogen. Studies have shown that high levels of estrogen over many years can increase a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. In men, the EMF exposure reduced levels of testosterone–a hormone drop that has been linked to testicular and prostate cancers. read more

How Does Harmonization Really Work?

You’ve heard the explanation that the EMF Harmonization Chips neutralize or ‘harmonize’ the EMF waves coming off cell phones and other devices and render them harmless. That is, the electromagnetic frequencies are modified into a form that is more ‘harmonious’ with our body’s cellular function. But how does it do that and what does it exactly mean? BioPro technology is proprietary so the company is not about to reveal that information. However, I did some poking around and discovered how sweet, simple and elegant a solution it really is. Let me explain. read more

Cell Phones and Cancer

The general public became first aware of the association between cell phones and cancer on January 21, 1993. Larry King Live featured a man named David Reynard of Tampa, Florida, who filed a lawsuit against the cell phone industry. Reynard claimed that his wife Susan died of a fatal brain tumor due to her repeated use of the cell phone. The charges were later dropped, as there was no clear evidence to substantiate his claim.

But the cellular industry suffered a major public relations blow. To assure the public that cell phones were safe, the industry hired Dr. George Carlo, a public health scientist, to head a $25 million research and surveillance program. In the early years, no cancer or other health problems were found to be linked to use of the cell phone. But later, as the research methods became more refined, the findings started raising red flags. These warnings gave indications that cell phone radiation could indeed lead to the development of brain tumors and other cancers, as well as other health problems. read more