Cell Phone Tower Near You

Two studies included in the Institute of Science in Society report (05-24-07) gave clear indications that living close to a cell phone transmitter may lead to increased health risks. A German study found a threefold increase in cancer rates among population living within 400m (about 1300 feet) of a transmitter. And an Israeli study found a fourfold increase for people living within 350m (1148 feet). Women appeared to have been affected the most in both cases.

With the proliferation of the cell phone and wireless technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to steer clear of the information-carrying radio waves. As previously posted in this blog, you can find out the location of cell phone towers and antennas in your area by visiting antennasearch.com. read more


BBC Panorama report on Wi-Fi dangers

Studies have been made on the health effects of radiation from mobile phones and masts. And there’s enough scientific evidence to make Sir William Stewart of the UK, who headed the government’s inquiry into the mobile phone mast safety in 2000, to recommend a precautionary approach when siting masts near schools. Sir William is now chairman of the UK Health Protection Agency. His advice was that the beam of greatest intensity from mobile phone masts should not fall on any part of the school grounds. read more


Dr. George Carlo Rebuts Danish Cell Phone Study

Dr. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program funded by the wireless industry, dismisses the latest study conducted by a group of scientists in Denmark that shows there is no link between cell phone use and cancer. Dr. Carlo, being an industry insider himself for years, knows the principals involved in the study and where their funding comes from. Dr. Carlo makes strong allegations, but he backs them up with facts and is speaking out in the interest of public health. “Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?” he laments. Read Dr. Carlo’s letter now. read more


Cell Phone Tower & Antenna Locator

Do you know how many cell phone towers and antennas are near your home? You’d be surprised. Antennasearch.com provides information on existing cell towers, future towers and antennas in your neighborhood. Towers are tall structures (typically over 200 ft) used for cellular, paging and other radio services. Towers can contain multiple antennas owned by various companies. Antennas are the actual signal emitters for cellular, paging and other radio services. Antennas can be placed on towers or be stand alone and placed on top of offices, condos, churches, light poles, signs, etc. Stand alone antennas are small and difficult to spot as they are easily hidden/camouflaged. read more

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EMF Radiation Can Damage Your Eyes

Do you use your cell phones and computers a lot? Health experts are finding links between electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and eye problems. A study in Germany in 2001, for example, found a threefold increase in a form of eye cancer called uveal melanoma among cell phone users compared to non-users. Dr. George Carlo, an epidemiologist who headed the cell phone industry’s multi-million dollar research into wireless safety, predicts there will be 500,000 cases of brain tumors and eye melanoma by 2010. read more


Cell Phone Radiation: Ways to Minimize Harm

The media is now awash with reports of the potential dangers of cell phone use. It’s been linked with a wide range of health problems, such as headaches, dizziness, skin rash, allergies, high blood pressure, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc. You can read some of these reports in our media section: Press Reports on EMF

You may or may not be experiencing any symptoms, but experts like Dr. George Carlo urge extreme caution. Dr. Carlo is the former head of cell phone safety research and he warns that we are on the verge of a health crisis of epidemic proportions. You can watch or listen to his interviews here: Dr. George Carlo interviews read more


EMF and Mercury Poisoning

According to one study, EMF exposure more than doubled the mercury release from dental amalgam. Dental amalgam consists of 50% mercury combined with silver, tin and copper. While the research was conducted using amalgam blocks exposed to computer screens, it is suggested that other devices, such as cell phones, where some of the radio waves go through the head, has the same effect on the dissolution of mercury from amalgam. You can read more details of this intriguing study here: Is Your Computer Releasing Mercury? read more

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Cordless Phones More Dangerous than Cell Phones

With all the attention focused on the health dangers of cell phone radiation, a lot of people don’t realize that using cordless phones pose the same risks as well. Most cordless phones nowadays work on either 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz (= 2400 MHz), well within the microwave frequency range–just like the cell phone.

Now a group of researchers in Sweden are saying that “having a cordless phone in your house can be 100 times more of a health risk than using a mobile,” and is more likely to cause brain tumors than a cell phone. This is because the cordless base station acts like a mobile mast inside your home, and the radiation doesn’t drop to a safe level until you’re at least 100 meters (328 feet) away. The worse part is that the charger emits the radiation at full strength even when the phone is not in use! read more

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CNN: Cancer Fear Curbs College’s Wi-Fi

TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) — A small Canadian university has ruled out campus-wide wireless Internet access because its president fears the system’s electromagnetic forces could pose a risk to students’ health.

Lakehead University, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has only a limited Wi-Fi connections at present, in places where there is no fiber-optic Internet connection. And that, according to president Fred Gilbert, is just fine.

“The jury is still out on the impact that electromagnetic forces have on human physiology,” Gilbert told a university meeting last month, insisting that university policy would not change while he remained president. read more


12 Cell Phone Radiation Facts You Should Know

1. In Australia the number one disease among children is brain tumor and brain cancer… It just surpassed Leukemia.

2. Sperm count in adult males who use cell phones heavily are lowered by as much as 30%.

3. In Japan you aren’t allowed to use Cell Phones on the train due to 2nd hand radiation.

4. In England it is recommended that teenagers 16 and under refrain from unnecessary cell phone use.

5. None of the cell phone companies are insured … they are all self insured. Insurance companies have exclusion clauses against paying compensation for illnesses caused by continuous long-term low level radiation. read more

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