Register Your Cell Phone Related Health Problems

Have you ever experienced any symptoms that you feel are related to your cell phone use? If so, you can register online with the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry. The Registry was created by Dr. George Carlo, the former chief scientist of the cell phone research project funded by the industry. Operating under Dr. Carlo’s nonprofit Science and Public Policy Institute, the Registry collects information voluntarily provided by cell phone users and is the first step in consumer protection and public health intervention, and will help direct future research of potential health effects related to cell phone use. Participation in the Registry is strictly confidential. To find out more, go to Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry now. read more


Dr. George Carlo Radio Interview: "Your Cell Phone is Dangerous"

Dr. George Carlo is known as the epidemiologist and public health scientist who headed the multimillion dollar research funded by the cell phone industry. The project was launched in 1993 as part of a deal made with Congress to keep the industry from being regulated. After six years, Dr. Carlo’s research yielded alarming findings that linked cell phone radiation to serious health diseases, including cancer. When he submitted his results to the industry executives, he expected that they would do something about it. Instead, they distanced themselves from him and tried to find ways to discredit his research and reputation. read more


Cell Phone Radiation May Trigger Allergies

Bothered by skin rashes and sensitivity to dust mites and pollen? A two-year old study suggested you cell phone use may be to blame.

Japanese researchers believe that cell phone radiation can ‘excite’ antigens – substances which cause allergies – in the bloodstreams of people who already suffer from allergies. They found that cell phone users experience an increase in skin rashes or allergic reactions to dust mites and pollen.

Dr Hajime Kimata from Unitika Hospital, Kyoto, carried out research on 52 people with a history of eczema and dermatitis. Half were exposed to cell phone radiation for an hour, while the others were not. read more


Electrosensitivity a Growing Issue

Here’s an excellent article on electrohypersensitivty, or ES, an allergic reaction to electrical and magnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones, wireless devices, computers, and other electrical equipment and appliances. People who have this condition suffer symptoms that include headaches, nausea, fatigue, loss of memory, muscle pain, insomnia, blurred vision, skin problems and others. At least one expert suggests an association between ES and multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

An estimated 35 percent of the population suffer from a moderate form of ES, with 2 percent exhibiting the extreme cases. read more


Cell Phone Radiation Lawsuits Move Forward

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal by cell phone manufacturers who’ve launched efforts to stop five lawsuits from going to court. Five class-action lawsuits were filed in state courts to seek damages, but were dismissed by a U.S. District court judge. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit overturned that decision and reinstated the cases. The cell phone manufacturers argue that their compliance with FCC requirements for cell phone radiation preempts any state regulations. The high court’s decision means that one lawsuit will proceed in federal court while the other four will go forward in state court. You can read the full report here: Lawsuits Over Cell Phone Radiation to Continue read more


Court Awards Cell Phone Injury Claims

The sign of things to come? An administrative law judge who handles worker’s compensation claims granted court victory to a woman who suffered a brain tumor as a result of her job. The woman sued her employer for the claims because she was convinced her illness had to do with her exposure to radio frequency while working in her job programming cell phones for customers. The settlement awarded was small, enough to pay her medical bills and expenses, but it may be the first time a court has acknowledged evidence of an illness being caused by radio frequency radiation. Fascinating development for sure. Read the article, Court Victory is a First for Cell-phone Programmers. read more


Cell Phone "Safe" SAR Rating Needs Review

If you own a cell phone, you may or may not have heard of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. In the US, cell phone manufacturers are required by the FCC to make sure their cell phones do not exceed the “safe” level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg).

But several studies are showing that low-intensity radiation up to 200,000 times BELOW the safety standard cause biological effects. These include: DNA damage, leakage in the blood-brain barrier, lowered immunity, formation of micronuclei (biological marker for cancer), and others. Some scientists are calling for a new standard as the SAR measure proves to be inadequate. Read the article, Cell Phone Safety Standards Not Good Enough read more

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Are You Electrosensitive?

If you are, it’s not ‘just in your head.’That’s the conclusion made by a British government agency who acknowledged that electrosensitivity, a heightened reaction to electrical energy, is a physical, rather than a psychological, ailment. This action follows Sweden who has long recognised electrosensitivity as a physical impairment since 2000. (Not so in the USA, where it is still ignored by mainstream medicine.)

When exposed to electromagnetic fields, people who have this condition suffer symptoms that include nausea, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, loss of memory, headaches, dizzines, muscle pains, skin problems, etc. In Sweden people who are allergic to electrical energy receive government support to reduce exposure in their homes and workplaces. read more


New Site Map

Just updated the website recently to include a site map. While our site navigation is usually sufficient to locate specific information on this site, the site map lists in one page links to all our pages of information. Especially helpful in locating a specific page to revisit.


New BIOPRO Home Harmonizer

BIOPRO Technology has just released a new product called the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer. This innovative device is the result of intensive research and development and is designed to effectively harmonize electromagnetic fields created by the electrical current running through your home or office. At the same time the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer spreads a balancing yet invigorating subtle energy field into your home or work environment. Here are some of its features:
– Effectively harmonizes electrical current running through your home and/or office
– Powerfully neutralizes EMF-triggered stress for you, your children and pets
– Covers up to 60 foot radius
– Uses no electricity
– Portable – you can transfer it from room to room or take with you while traveling
– Easy and convenient – Plug into your wall outlet and you’re done! read more

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