The New BIOPRO Chip Test

During a July 2005 convention in San Diego, CA, 25 event participants were randomly selected to test the effectiveness of the BIOPRO EMF Harmonization Chip on avoiding the stress response in a person’s essential bio-systems when the test-subject holds a cell phone against their head while making a live call. Using the FDA-registered MSAS Professional (Meridian Stress Assessment System), seven key areas of the body were compared before and after using the BIOPRO Chip.

The results were pretty impressive. It wasn’t a surprise that the numeric stress values for all subjects were significantly better when using the cell phone WITH the BIOPRO Chip compared to using the phone WITHOUT the Chip. But what was surprising was that they were even better than the baseline numbers taken at the very beginning when the test-subjects were NOT using the cell phone at all! This completely agrees with a prior testing which showed that the BIOPRO Chip not only neutralizes the EMF but actually has a therapeutic or healing effect. It’s very interesting. Check out the details of the test here: Meridian Stress Assessment Testing read more


Cell Phones May Cause Cataracts

A study conducted by Israeli researchers found a new link between microwave radiation, similar to the type found in cellular phones, and the development of cataracts. At least one kind of damage seems to accumulate over time and not heal, confirming the belief that length of exposure is possibly just as important as the intensity of the radiation. What’s interesting is that this particular damage is not caused by heating, causing the researchers to call for change in the existing exposure guidelines for microwave radiation. They believe the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standard used by cell phone companies to measure levels of radiation is not sufficient to indicate levels of safety. Read the report now: Cell Phones Radiation May Cause Visual Damage read more

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Cell Phone and Cancer Connection

Brain cancer is up 25% since cell phones became popular. Every year, there are 183,000 more cases eery year in the US alone. Some health experts say there’s a link with cell phone use, but is there proof? Our latest article looks at some of the research studies that specifically show the link between cell phone radiation and the increased risk of developing cancer.

Most notable of these studies is the DNA damage in the form of micronuclei when human blood cells are exposed to wireless frequencies. Micronuclei is considered a “biological marker” for cancer, and doctors worldwide look for its presence in patients to identify increased risk. Another attention-grabber is the breakdown of the blood brain barrier. This special filter in the blood vessels of the brain keeps harmful chemicals from reaching sensitive brain tissue and causing serious damage that could lead to tumors. Rats exposed to cell phone radiation have been shown to suffer leakage or breakdown in this very important brain protector. read more


Cell Phone Industry Marketing to Children

With all the controversy regarding the safety of cell phone use, it’s quite disturbing that cell phone manufacturers are still launching marketing campaigns targeted towards pre-teens. Eighty-one percent of independent, non-industry-funded research show biological effects from cell phone radiation, yet wireless companies in North America are aggressively targeting children with an array of cartoonish phones featuring the images of Barbie, Hillary Duff and Mickey Mouse or video clips of Bugs Bunny. Even Walt Disney Co., which backed off plans to sell cartoon character-branded cellphones in 2000 amid public concerns about potential risks for young kids, recently announced a new line of cellphones aimed at children as young as 8! read more


Another TV Report on the QLink

Fox31 News aired a segment on the prevalance of EMF in our environment. Titled “What’s the Frequency?,” it featured the QLink as one of the devices recommended to safeguard your health from EMF exposure. You can watch the video here.

BBC London also featured the QLink in one of its programs a few years back. They commissioned a microbiologist, Dr. Robert Young, to perform blood tests on subjects before and after wearing the QLink. The results were impressive. If you haven’t seen the BBC video, or want to see it again. go here. read more


Cell Phone Biological Studies

So far, over 200 studies have been completed and published during the last 10 years on cell phone EMF radiation and their possible effect on living tissue. Some of these studies were funded by the wireless industry and some are independent. It’s interesting to see the numbers: 32% of industry-funded studies show biological effect, and 68% do not. However, among independent studies not funded by the industry, 71% show biological effect, and only 29% do not. (You are free to speculate about this variance.) read more


Research Scientist’s Letter to ATT

In October 1999, Dr. George Carlo, then head of the world’s largest research program funded by the wireless industry, wrote 28 identical letters and sent them to the chairmen and CEO’s of the cellular telephone industry. They were the ones who paid for his six-year effort and they deserved to hear, directly from him, his candid assessment of the findings their studies had produced.

These findings include, (compared to non-cell phone users):
– Higher rate of death from brain cancer among handheld phone users;
– Greater risk of acoustic neuroma, a benign tumour of the auditory nerve that is well in range of the radiation coming from a phone’s antenna;
– Doubled risk of rare neuro epithelial tumours on the outside of the brain in cell phone users;
– Correlation between brain tumours occurring on the right side of the head and the use of the phone on the right side of the head;
– Radiation from a phone’s antenna can cause functional genetic damage. read more


BIOPRO Hands-Free Headset is Here!

After a long wait, the BIOPRO Hands-free Mobile Phone system is finally available again. As you may be already aware, the regular hands-free headset has been shown to increase EMF exposure to the user’s head by as much as three and a half times! The wiring that connects the cell phone to the earpiece serves as an antenna that directs EMF into the ear canal–not only from the cell phone, but from the EMFs in the vicinity as well.

The new BIOPRO Hands-free Headset keeps radiation away from the head by using a hollow “air-tube” to transmit sound from a speaker located at a distance from the head. Tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors, hence virtually eliminating any radiation otherwise present in conventional hands-free units. Tests by accredited laboratories show that using the BIOPRO Hands-Free System reduces electromagnetic radiation parameters by 98%. read more


BBC Television Reports on the QLink

BBC Television London Today did a very positive report on the QLink way back in July 2000. The reporting team commissioned Dr. Robert Young, a prominent microbiologist, to conduct a study on the QLink using their own staff member who works with electronic equipment all day. The results were pretty impressive. Dr. Young showed the dramatic blood cell changes that occurred when the subject started wearing QLink. The blood cells went from being damaged and disorganized to being organized and healthy. The subject also reported sleeping better and getting no more headaches. read more


BIOPRO Business Opportunity

The BioPro Technology company has been around for only about a year and a half. But the market response has been overwhelming. Just recently, the company hit the milestone of one-million dollar sales in one month. That’s quite a feat, considering that it made $1.3M in sales for almost the entire year 2004. It is predicted that within a few months, it will hit one million dollar sales in one day.

The public is increasingly becoming aware of the EMF issue and are taking steps to protect themselves. The fact that the BioPro products are scientifically substantiated gives the buyer confidence. The marketing method employed by BioPro compensates both retail sales and referrals. At the moment, BioPro products are available for distribution in 3 countries: the United States, Canada, and Australia (which also serves New Zealand). South Africa and Mexico are set to open soon, with other countries to follow. read more